ShinyQuest, by Julia Watson. Episode 4

Pinned under Tulip, Mags watched the hulking monster charge straight for them. With the desperation of a trapped animal, she squirmed under the bigger warrior’s unmoving bulk, trying to find the leverage she needed to wriggle out.

ShinyQuest, by Julia Watson. Episode 3

As the four dejected goblins trudged along the rock-strewn path from the caves, Tulip stared at the iron band around her forearm, her heart guttering like a slowly blown out candle flame.

Folley’s Circus, by Lucio Rodriguez. Episode 6

Gaspard pushed through the crowd. Le Petit was at the mouth of the tent, keeping the cast and crew at bay, though several made attempts to peer in when the wind blew the corner of the tent flap open.

ShinyQuest, by Julia Watson. Episode 2

Rough hands roused Mags from a restless sleep. It was pitch black all around her and she was nestled deep into something delightfully scratchy-soft. She inhaled to get her bearings, letting her keen nose tell her where she was. It smelled of damp straw and mold here, and cold, ancient stone.

Bergdorf and Associates, by Thomas C. Mavroudis. Episode 5

Sunday. Penny and the twins go to church, which gives me at least two hours to figure things out. I go to the furnace room for a pair of scissors and cut the bloody sleeves from yesterday’s shirt. I linger, waiting for Bergdorf.

ShinyQuest, by Julia Watson. Episode 1

Tulip Dreadyowl of the Horntooth goblin clan watched the snuffler take another heedless step towards the trap her hunting party had laid for it. Its piggy eyes were focused on the ground, its long, prehensile snout rooting in the mud for crawlers. Just one step further into the curly fenfronds and they’d have it. About…